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7s Fixtures

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This weekend we have the Villager 7s Tournament  for U19s ( we have an A & B side playing) on Friday afternoon/evening.
See link below for more information



On Saturday we have the Kyle Brown 7s Tournament hosted by SACS on Saturday for U14/15/16s.

Below are the fixtures for both events;


Here are the fixtures for SACSSACS 7s


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Fixtures vs Rondebosch 2015

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Fixtures vs Rondebosch 29th August


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Fixtures vs SACS 15th August at SACS

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Fixtures for tomorrow and Saturday

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Tomorrow’s Match Times
Heatlie XV vs Wellington College UK – 4-50 on the Piley Rees
Heatlie B vs Wellington College 2nd XV UK – 3-45 on the Piley Rees
U16A vs Millfield (UK) U16A -4-50 on the Avenue
U15A vs Millfield (UK) U15A – 3-45 on the Range
6th XV vs Queen Elizabeth School (Bristol) – 3-45 on the Avenue



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Back on the wagon……

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Its a long trek out to Drostdy on Saturday for our first match of the second half. I know it is not everyone’s cup of tea but it is a fixture with much historical significance for us. In the mid 80s we were invited as a 1st XV to play at a Festival in Worcester, mid-week, which ended well into the night. Here we played a host of the Boland schools over the years the Festival ran. I remember as a school boy traversing the Old Pass in the unreliable and very unstable Bishops bus only to arrive ‘sea sick’ after two hours. The return trip was even more memorable with yarns about ghost wagons, demonic car crash victims roaming the road and baboons that sometimes jumped through open car windows after dusk had settled.  

When the tournament was moved to the Saturday, for obvious reasons we could not play, but Drostdy invited us to play a full fixture once a year against them. Hence, the relationship began and we have honoured it ever since, but now on a home and away basis. A few of the other Southern Suburb schools now only play them every second year if at all, but I know how much they enjoy and honour playing us. We have had some reffing problems and other issues but mostly the experience has been very positive. This year they are going all out in their hosting and I believe we should reciprocate with equal honour and integrity.

Our boys also know it is always tough out in the deep and real Boland! 

Here are the fixtures: 


Drostdy map


For those of you who cannot make the 1st XV match, here’s the live link.




Next week we play 5 touring teams at various levels.

U17A (Heatlie) vs Wellington U17 (without 1st XV players)- Piley Rees 4-50pm
U17B (Heatlie B) vs Wellington U17 – Piley Ress 3-45pm

U16A vs Millfield – Avenue 4-50pm
U15A vs Millfield – Range 4-50pm

5th vs Queens Hospital School-Avenue 3-45pm

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The Big One

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Here is a good link to a good build up article for tomorrow’s game.

Those of you who missed the Leyds brother’s video insert- here it is. It is certainly worth a watch!

Sadly Bishops lose Cornel Smit our inside centre, dead eye kicker, defence manager and Craven Week player. It looks like a serious shoulder injury that will require surgery which puts him out for the remainder of the season. I have just heard he may have an outside chance of being back next term. Siya Qamgwana gets another opportunity to impress and we wish him good speed and fortitude. There are no other changes to the first team.

Jonathan Kaplan will be refereeing. After talking to him earlier he was a little nervous that he may be accused of bias after being our guest speaker at the Bishops Rugby Supporters Club function on Wednesday night. Jonathan proved to be an entertaining speaker — he certainly does not hold back when it comes to controversy!

Here is the link to the live feed for tomorrow’s match if you are unable to make it. Just click


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Fixtures vs Rondebosch Sat. 20th June

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Jonathan Kaplan Evening

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The Bishops Rugby Supporters’ Club

Invites you to join us to hear from

Jonathan Kaplan

International referee record holder, and ask him his opinion on the state of refereeing, UCT rugby campaigns, and his career managing characters on the field of play.
Anton Taylor (OD) will lead the Q&A.

Date: Wednesday 17 June 2015

Time: 18:00

Paid up members: No charge

Non-members are welcome at R200 per head.

(Snacks will be served and a cash bar will be available)

We will be auctioning one of Jonathan’s jerseys during a break to raise funds to support coaching our school boy refs.

Please invite your friends!

RSVP: Click here

Please join our BRSC Facebook Page


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Bishops Rugby Scholarship Advertisement

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A lot of social media has been bandied about concerning our recent scholarship advert in some of the press over the weekend. I thought I would put some of our thinking behind the advert.


There are a number of questions and views being expressed on social media about why we advertise for a rugby scholarship in grade 10 or 11. I will try and answer this as simply as possible.  

When we put together our grade 8 class we are required to take all Bishops Prep Boys, a large percentage of Western Province Boys and siblings of Old Diocesans. That leaves us with very few positions open for the vast surfeit of boys who apply who have various degrees of talent. And definitely not only rugby. We also do not have a sports scholarship for grade 8 where there are a number of cultural and academic scholarships on offer. That is exactly why some of our prolific rugby supporting Old Diocesans procured the Vital Bishops Rugby Scholarship. This is given to a boy in grade 8. The present incumbent of the scholarship completes matric this year.

Boys who are given scholarships for rugby in grade 8 often get the award due to their advantageous physical development. Unlike a music scholar or an academic scholar, sports scholars coming into grade 8, especially rugby, have physical advantages due to early maturation reasons rather than pure sporting talent. Of course, some do manage but it would be grossly unfair on an individual if he were to wear the rugby scholarship label and ultimately not make the top side.

By grade 10 and 11, we are able to fill some of the spaces. Boys for a variety of reasons (financial, relocation or other) have left. It makes an enormous amount of sense to fill these spaces with boys who have talent, specifically rugby in this case, whom are from a disadvantaged schooling and/or economic background who will prosper in our educational and rugby environment and ultimately achieve provincial recognition. We have had a very good success in getting our ‘scholarship’ boys placed professionally. We have a number of previous scholarship or bursary boys who are in WP Province or other representative structures and have or are likely to use the professional rugby structures as a career or means to a career. Just look at a couple of our Stormers or those in the Western Province Academy who have come through Craven Week last year. We honestly believe we can better their lives through giving them the life-skills to prosper in professional rugby structures and a means to better their futures and hopefully give back to their communities in the process.

On top of this, we believe we have an excellent pastoral and academic system that not only advantages boys socially and who may struggle to get through matric in their present schooling systems. One only has to look at our Bachelor Pass rate in 2014 for matric to realize that we are achieving on the academic front. All our scholarship boys last year achieved Bachelor Passes! We also believe that our concentration on IT through exposure to our laptop learning systems will give these boys a distinct advantage in a modern future.

Let’s not be naïve. All top rugby playing schools are offering bursaries, grants, scholarships or advantages etc. to their incoming grade 8s and most top rugby schools are doing so in other grades as well. We have just rolled up our sleeves.

We clearly also have a self-seeking motivation to offer these scholarships, but we are also happy to present openly our reasons for doing so. 

What we will NOT do is poach boys from established rugby playing schools where a boy has every opportunity to succeed rugby wise and otherwise given the advantageous position they are already in. We are looking for boys who have talent but huge circumstantial disadvantages who can prosper in our school and social environment while flourishing in and progressing through playing Bishops Rugby. 

Angus Firth 
Head of Rugby

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Fixtures against Boland Landbou (with directions)

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