Bishops believes that a vibrant rugby supporters club will assist the strategic objective of catering for the individual needs of every boy who chooses to play rugby at the school, by establishing a well-resourced coaching infrastructure. The Bishops Rugby Supporters Club has been established to organize the activities of all those supporters who would like to be part of Bishops rugby, and in particular, contribute to the development of coaching capacity.


The Bishops Rugby Supporters Club is a voluntary association of supporters of Bishops rugby, regulated by a constitution designed to be inclusive, collaborative, and focused on supporting sound educational principles within the management of rugby at Bishops. The powers and functions of the Club are managed by its Committee, which consists of a Chairman, and members of the Bishops rugby staff, parents, old boys, and friends of the school.

Goal and Purpose

The Bishops Rugby Supporters Club has been established to achieve its objectives, by attracting, organising, and mobilizing the many supporters of Bishops rugby who recognize the benefit of an association of like-minded individuals. The goal of the Club is therefore to encourage greater participation in activities that contribute to the long-term success of Bishops rugby, and our mission is to increase the number of rugby supporters who would like to go the extra mile for Bishops rugby.

Objectives and Deliverables

The Club has the following objectives:

  • Attract rugby enthusiasts to well-organised activities
  • Establish an enjoyable, inclusive, and engaged environment
  • Facilitate communication between coaches and supporters
  • Build a larger base of active members, to fund the support of Bishops rugby

Our key deliverables are:

  • Organise great events
  • Introduce a range of activities to appeal to parents, old boys, staff, and friends
  • Raise funds for coaching development


For additional information regarding our activities, next event, or membership applications, please send an email to We appreciate your interest and welcome the opportunity to discuss any questions or comments you might want to raise.


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  • Why do we play this game?

    Rugby is where a whole life can be trampled into an hour, where the emotions of a lifetime can be felt on a pitch of ground, where a person can suffer then die and rise again. Rugby is a theater where sinners and layabouts can be saints; a common man can become an uncommon hero and champs can become the chumps. It is a place where the past and the future so often fuse with the present. Rugby is singularly able to give us crowning experiences where we feel completely one with the world and transcend all conflicts as we finally become our own potential. ~with apologies to George A. Sheehan.

  • 'I have no doubt that you could pull rugby players out of their many other commitments at this busiest of schools. They could do pillar strength at short break, gym before school, condition during chapel, work on fundamentals and core strength at long break and train every afternoon. We might even beat Gym away. But is that really what we are after?' John Dobson