Partners and Sponsorship

We have exciting plans for upcoming events, and are looking for individuals and corporates who would like to partner with us.

We are thinking of:

  • Influencers: parents and old boys who encourage their age group peers to join our FB group, attend events together, and sign up as a paid up member of BRSC
  • Donors: individuals who contribute their time, ideas, and tangible contributions (venues, expertise, catering, beverages, equipment, speakers, donations)
  • Sponsors: entities that agree terms on co-hosting, funding, and supporting specific activities ( coaching programs, referee support, communications such as live streaming, annual fundraiser dinner, etc)


Last year we benefitted through support from:

  • 100 members paid up
  • 60-110 individuals attending per event
  • Matt Pearce procuring guests and conducting interviews unpaid
  • Gina Clayton working after hours unpaid to make events and the gazebo a success
  • Evergreen sponsoring gazebo snacks and drinks
  • Iona, Constantia Glen, and De Grendel providing wine tastings and discounted stock


This year we have benefited from:

  • Video camera donation from Matt Pearce for the Prep
  • Alcohol donation from Ross Calow

We are already engaging with people on these topics, and have formulated some preferences and governance to manage the process. If you would like to discuss this further, please contact me directly, or through Mike Hyne, Gina Clayton, or any other member of the committee.

To successfully organize quality events, we need to schedule and arrange well in advance. We will consider value of the contribution, it’s fit with our preferences, and aspects such as membership, connection with the school, and enhancing the Bishops brand. We welcome signs of support ahead of announced events and their planning, not cherry picking in the run up. Help us avoid disappointment by moving early.


PLANNED for 2015


Heatlie Evening with World Cup Insights

Former international player

Heatlie Evening with the Bishops Coaches

First XV and Assistant Coaches

Rugby Dinner with International Speaker

Former international player

Prep-Prep Tag Rugby Awareness

Information stand and T-shirt sponsorship

Heatlie Evening with Coach

Provincial coach

Annual General Meeting

Committee and members

Heatlie Evening with Jonathan Kaplan

International test referee record holder

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PAST during 2014


Prep-Prep Tag Rugby Awareness

Information stand and T-shirt sponsorship

Heatlie Evening with Braam van Straaten

Kicking Coach and consultant, and former Springbok

Heatlie Evening with the Bishops Coaches

Andre Jacobs (First XV) and Mike Bayly (Assistant Coach and Rugby Professional)

Annual General Meeting

Committee and members

Heatlie Evening with Dave Wessels and Kevin Foote

Assistant Coach and Backs Coach of Super15 team, The Western Force

Parents Information Evening

Presentations from Mike Bayly (Rugby Professional) and Andrew Campbell (Chairman BRSC)

Heatlie Evening with Mark Hammett

Head Coach of Super15 team, The Hurricanes and former All Black hooker (1999-2003)

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  • Thank you to Vital for their support of Bishops Rugby. We are looking for any interested sponsors.

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  • Why do we play this game?

    Rugby is where a whole life can be trampled into an hour, where the emotions of a lifetime can be felt on a pitch of ground, where a person can suffer then die and rise again. Rugby is a theater where sinners and layabouts can be saints; a common man can become an uncommon hero and champs can become the chumps. It is a place where the past and the future so often fuse with the present. Rugby is singularly able to give us crowning experiences where we feel completely one with the world and transcend all conflicts as we finally become our own potential. ~with apologies to George A. Sheehan.

  • 'I have no doubt that you could pull rugby players out of their many other commitments at this busiest of schools. They could do pillar strength at short break, gym before school, condition during chapel, work on fundamentals and core strength at long break and train every afternoon. We might even beat Gym away. But is that really what we are after?' John Dobson