Fixtures versus Paarl Boys Sat. 14th April

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Paarl Boys Fixture TImes

We have a full load of fixtures this weekend. Please note that it takes about 45-50 mins to get to Paarl. 

You may be wondering why our teams other than As and U16s and above are playing a team down. Paarl have 7 sides in most age groups suggesting their depth of players is a tad stronger than ours. Their B teams are loaded with ex U13 provincial players where only our As may include one or two. Pride and Premier League dictates our As play their As. Interestingly we become more and more competitive, and bigger, and faster and more skilled as we move up the ranks so our seniors do battle team on team. Mostly losing but battle they do. And that’s all we want – through life our boys are unlikely to have to fight it out with the heavies where odds are severly stacked against them. These are essential lessons requiring dollops of grit and resilience. That’s all we want- True Grit.


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  • Why do we play this game?

    Rugby is where a whole life can be trampled into an hour, where the emotions of a lifetime can be felt on a pitch of ground, where a person can suffer then die and rise again. Rugby is a theater where sinners and layabouts can be saints; a common man can become an uncommon hero and champs can become the chumps. It is a place where the past and the future so often fuse with the present. Rugby is singularly able to give us crowning experiences where we feel completely one with the world and transcend all conflicts as we finally become our own potential. ~with apologies to George A. Sheehan.

  • 'I have no doubt that you could pull rugby players out of their many other commitments at this busiest of schools. They could do pillar strength at short break, gym before school, condition during chapel, work on fundamentals and core strength at long break and train every afternoon. We might even beat Gym away. But is that really what we are after?' John Dobson