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Training Camps

Nerina Guest Farm, Breeriver, Robertson, Western Cape

2021 October Rowing Camp 

The October camp, held at Nerina Guest Farm, Robertson, allows for each and every rower the opportunity for lengthy water time in great conditions and to put serious mileage under the boy’s belts.

The boy’s row off the Breeriver, a 5.5km stretch of water protected by dense flowering yellow wattle (unfortunately not indigenous), citrus farms and beyond, the Cape Fold Mountains catching the morning and late afternoon light.

The camp is significant for the prospective u14’s who are still at prep school. It gives these young lads a taste of rowing, to feel apart of the high school and to make some friends in the early days. An advantage on those who don’t row!

U16 – Gage James:

“This has been my favourite rowing camp to date. You really get to see what boys think of rowing and how determined they are to excel and become stronger. It was a great bonding experience and it allowed me to see how many of my rowing companions act outside of a school setting. Getting on the water twice a day also means we had ample opportunity to improve team synchronicity and form, we had some beautiful moments, in some of our most beautiful boats. When the boat soars across the water, it was as though it had been propelled directly by the 4 vetkoeks we all ate every morning. Lots of gees and tons of fun. This is my favourite sport and I’m doing it with my favourite friends.”


Bufflesjag Dam, Lainsberg, Swellendam, Western Cape

2022 January Rowing Camp 

January rowing camp is based on the Buffeljagsrivier – Buffeljags dam, a beautiful body of water nestled against the base of the Langeberg Mountain range. The dam is a peculiar shape but captures early morning and late afternoon light – a rowing coaches delight. Words cannot quite capture the beauty of the view from Umshanti. Coupled with this view is extraordinary flat conditions, dorms for the boys, excluding the grade 8’s who camp, and food for the masses! 

Photo: Opens in Fours cutting through the water and mist

The Open age group head through a day early to complete seat-boat racing when the water is quiet. Mr Smith sets a 1-kilometre lane to keep order and assist with clashes.
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Local Tours

Boatrace, The Kowie River, Port Alfred, Eastern Cape

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Buffalo & Selborne Sprints, East London, RSA

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South African National Rowing Championship

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Overseas Tours

Head of The Charles Regatta, Boston, USA

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Eton, United Kingdom

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