Results: Nick Whaits & Western Cape Champs

Memorial Regatta: A Windy Occasion

A tumultuous regatta that saw many highs and lows for Bishops. With Sunday mostly cancelled due to the wind, Buffalo poses many opportunities for our rowers to prove themselves!

Nick Whaits Regatta (Saturday) Western Cape Champs (Sunday)

U14 Results:

A Oct – 2nd A Oct – 1st
A Quad – 1st & B Quad – 1st A Quad – 2nd & 3rd

U15  Results:                               

B Scull – Heat 1: 1st , 3rd & Heat 2: 1st , 3rd Scull Final: 1st & 2nd
A Scull – Heat 1: 2nd & Heat 2: 2nd & 3rd Quad Final: 1st & 6th
A Double – Maurel 1st
A Quad – 2nd

U16 Results:

A Scull – Smollan 1st & Cheminias 2nd Pair Final: 4th & 5th
B Scull – James 1st, Schooling 2nd & Anderson 3rd Eight Final – 3rd
A Double – 1st & B Double – 2nd
A Pairs – 2nd
A Coxed Fours – 2nd
A Coxless Four – 3rd
A Eight – 3rd

Open Results:

A Scull – 4th & 5th Pair Final: Mason – 1st & Du Randt – 2nd, 4th & 6th
A Coxed Four – 1st Coxless Four Final: 3rd & 4th
A Coxless Four – 3rd & 4th Coxed Four Final: Du Randt – 1st & Maurel 3rd
A Eight – 3rd

Photo: Moose leading the boys in war Cries during the 1st 8 race!

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