The Bishops Athletic Club (BAC)

Running as a sport at Bishops – the role of the Bishops Athletic Club (BAC):

The BAC was founded in 2015 and serves as an umbrella organisation for all running-related sports at Bishops. It is not a major sport option, but rather a central information point for those who are either:

  • Participating in Road & Trail (previously called Cross Country) as a chosen sport (all-year round option),
  • Participating in Athletics as a chosen sport (Terms 1 & 4) or
  • Any boys who are participating in other chosen sports, but are good runners who would like to qualify for Colours or want to improve their fitness.

If you wish to do running as a sport at Bishops you may choose one of the following options:

Option One:  You want to take Road and Trail Running as your chosen sport (Term 2 and Term 3 OR all-year round option)

  • Contact Ms Kemball or Mr Hyslop and your name will be added to the register.
  • Attend the club runs on Monday and Thursday. You are welcome at any other runs, but the two official (compulsory) practice days will be Monday and Thursday.

Option Two:  You take Athletics as your chosen sport and want to compete at the annual Western Province Junior Championships (taking place in Term 4 and Term 1)

  • Contact Mr Maree and your name will be added to the register.
  • Pay the licence fee and acquire the official BAC kit to compete in WP Champs.
  • Apart from Athletics practice days (Mondays and Thursdays), you can join on any day for additional training. You are also eligible now to participate in any club races (Two Oceans, etc.) in your BAC kit.

Option Three: You have another chosen sport, but you are a runner and want to get Road and Trail awards by running the incentive races

  • In order to qualify for a team award for Road and Trail, you do not need to practise with the group, but you do need to run FIVE of the 5km, 8km or 10km races from the WPA list per season. Senior boys who run 15km and 21km may qualify for the Road and Trail: Long Distance award.
  • Half Colours and Full Colours will be awarded according to times.
  • Contact Ms Kemball via email please to indicate your choice.

All runners who would like to be part of BAC need to buy a WPA licence from Ms Kemball at R100 for the year. You must bring a certified copy of your birth certificate. Official club kit should be available at the School Shop by Term 4. Navy blue Bishops shorts are to be worn. The licence entitles you to run in any running/athletic events and exempts you from the costs of temporary licence fees.